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I am owner and managing member of  I am a real estate investor that raises capital.  I began in commercial real estate in 1984, and eventually gravitated toward non performing notes.  I am part of an investor network and various national note groups across the US.  Se habla Espanol.  

Linda Martin, President/Portfolio Manager


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  • We are an Orange County based investment firm specializing in buying distressed debt and defaulted notes from one-offs to smaller pools  for our own portfolio directly from banks, hedge funds, and private sources all across the US.   Our focus is on the purchase of nonperforming 1st mortgages on residential and commercial properties in the largest 50 metroplexes.  Our strategy is to purchase this mortgage debt at a fraction of current value (50% or less) .  We then make a NEW loan for the borrower so that they can stay in the property or manage the property as an REO.  
  • The results are profits SECURED BY REAL ESTATE.  We are funded by private capital, and we have systems and teams in place.
  • In some cases we may keep the loans because they offer strong cash flow but in most cases we maximize the returns on investment (ROI) by selling the assets after a 12 to 18 month period.
  • Our servicing is handled by Madison Management and our foreclosures are handled by Singer Law Group
  • We have a variety of investment opportunities if you are looking for investment (including SDIRAs) or joint venture deals.  

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